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2015 Annual Meeting pictures by Paul Harris



There will be only one (1) general membership meeting a year.

  • The Annual Meeting of the N.J.B.B.A. shall be held on a Sunday in February. In the event that these meeting dates are not permissible, the Board of Directors shall select an appropriate date for that meeting.

  • All other meetings shall be by the call of the President

    A quorum for all special/general membership meetings shall be ten or more members in good standing.

    Annual Meeting order of Business:

    1. Call to Order

    2. Roll Call of Officers

    3. Reading of Minutes of the Previous Meeting

    4. Officers’ and Committee Report

    5. Treasurer’s Report

    6. Payment of Bills

    7. Communications

    8. Unfinished Business

    9. Nominating and Election of Officers (Annual Meeting)

    10. New Business

    11. Announcements

    12. Suggestions for the Good of the Association

    13. Adjournment