Island Beach State Park Snow Fence


Meet 8:00am at OBA 1

For more info contact Tim Burden 201-983-2300

Corson's Inlet Trailer Rebuild


Time 8:00am at the Corson's Inlet boat launch parking lot

For more info contact Doug Taylor 856-981-3787

Brigantine String Line Fence Project


Meet 8:30am at beach buggy entrance

For more info contact Kurt Renart 609-364-9040

String Line Fence is constructed along the Brigantine dune line to protect and secure a buffer. The New Jersey Beach Buggy Assoc. along with other surf fishing associations under the supervision of the NJ division of fish and wildlife (endangered and nongame species section) provided an area for endangered and migratory shore birds. This project will allow Cynthia Coritz, Superintendent of Bass River State Forest and North Brigantine Natural Area the opportunity to protect our wildlife and at the same time give access to sportsman along with the public to the shore line.


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March 30, 2014  Brigantine Pictures

About 25 volunteers joined Cynthia Coritz (superintendent of Bass River State Forest and Brigantine Natural Wildlife Area) and Todd Pover (beach nesting area manager) in the fencing project. Despite chilly temperatures, a steady drizzle and an extremely high tide the fence was put up.

2013 Rebuilding IBSP Dune Project


 Paul Harris

Tim Burden

State & Park Officials give tour of reopened IBSP watch

Snow Fence & Dune Grass Planting 3/30/2013


Snow Fence Doing It's Job 3/13/2013

New Snow Fence Delivery for Dune Restoration...3/1/2013

Have Paul Will Travel

..Meet The Crew..

144 rolls of snow fence; 18 rolls per pallet; 7200 feet


Rebuilding Dunes and Beach Cleanup at IBSP #3...2/16/2013

IBSP Supervisor Ray Bukowski, thanking everybody for showing up and laying out the plans for the day.

Volunteers getting a pep talk on a cold, windy and snowy day

The many Volunteers for the IBSP Dune Restoration

Snow fence around area A-7

Starting all over, building new fence lines for new dunes

Another picture of the many volunteers of all ages. NJBBA, Thanks You

One last picture before heading up for lunch

Fence going up along side the Christmas trees

Installing fence post and snow fence on the north and south sides of buggy entance A-7

Beach Buggy's 1st Vice President Mr. Tim Burden

Volunteers hard at work installing fence


Rebuilding Dunes and Beach Cleanup at IBSP #2...2/2/2013

IBSP Dune Restoration and Beach Clean-up #2, February 2, 2013

Everybody got a pep talk before getting started

Tim Burden from Beach Buggy putting in his 2 cents or maybe just 1 cent

NJ Forest Service used their machine that is used for fire breaks to dig the trench for the trees

Thanks to all the volunteers that showed up from NJBBA, the trees moved pretty fast out to the beach

A state back hoe was also used to load trees

Volunteers loading Fred Norton's truck

State trucks were used to help also

These row of trees will be the beginning of new dunes at IBSP

Francine taking a well deserved break

The big pile of Christmas trees are out on the beach being distributed by volunteers

Maureen taking a break, too

Picking up even the smallest of garbage

Mark Dzindzio brought his truck, a 4X4 dump truck up from Clayton, NJ

A volunteer asking , "where these trees go"

Picture says it all

Volunteer helping out at the Judges Shack an icon at IBSP

Volunteers helping at the Judges Shack

NJBBA Past President

Todays NJBBA Pesident

Truck loads of trash just like this one removed all kinds of garbage from the beach

Somebody's dock and an Army duce-in-a-half

The Texas Chainsaw, taking it out on some wood

Time to empty out for the third time

Everybody is done cleaning the beach, time to unload

Mom and Daughter

Moving Xmas Trees from Cattus Island To IBSP 1/27/2013


Cattus Island Xmas trees that will be loaded and head to IBSP for dune rebuilding, January 27, 2013

Plenty of help loading trees into a dumpster

Three dumpsters of trees taken to IBSP

Loaded as many trees as a pickup could hold and more

Cattus Island Park was the dropoff point for Xmas trees to be used in rebuilding the dunes at IBSP. 1/27/2013

There was more then enough trees for everybody

The many volunteers that helped, Sunday morning

Trees loaded and heading over to Island Beach State Park

six hours of hauling tree

All ages showed up to help load trees

This was a family affair getting out and helping

Loads of trees being loaded

Lined up like a train and estimation of 1200 trees where hauled

There was more then enough trees to go around for everybody

Red Rose Landscaping drove 2 hours from as far away as Clayton, NJ

One of two dumpsters that showed up to help. They really helped in cutting down the trips over to the island and the unloading, fantastic. Thanks guys!

What everybody was looking for the last load

A final picture before heading home for a well deserved rest. NJBBA thanks everybody

The pile at OBA2 before they head out to the beach to do their job