Brigantine String Line Fence Project

March 26, 2016

Meet 8:30am at beach buggy entrance

For more info contact Kurt Renart 609-364-9040

String Line Fence is constructed along the Brigantine dune line to protect and secure a buffer. The New Jersey Beach Buggy Assoc. along with other surf fishing associations under the supervision of the NJ division of fish and wildlife (endangered and nongame species section) provided an area for endangered and migratory shore birds. This project will allow Cynthia Coritz, Superintendent of Bass River State Forest and North Brigantine Natural Area the opportunity to protect our wildlife and at the same time give access to sportsman along with the public to the shore line.


Map Quest Directions:


March 28, 2014  Brigantine Pictures

Pictures by Trish Stumper, Paul Harris & Paul Novello

About 25 volunteers joined Cynthia Coritz (superintendent of Bass River State Forest and Brigantine Natural Wildlife Area) and Todd Pover (beach nesting area manager) in the fencing project. Despite windy and chilly temperatures evrything went as planned.


Island Beach State Park Dune Replenishing    click on any picture to enlarge

March 12, 2015  Pictures by Kevin Knutsen

March 13, 2015  Pictures by Kevin Knutsen

March 17, 2015  Pictures by Kevin Knutsen

March  31, 2015  Pictures by Kevin Knutsen                        


April 4, 2015  Pictures by Kevin Knutsen & Jaso DeCarlo 

April 4, 2015  Pictures by