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The President’s Message 


        I want to say "Thank You"  to all of the members, their families and friends that participated at the numerous events we had during March, April, and this past weekend. Everyone that showed up to help did an extraordinary job that impressed our affiliated partners, new friends and general public. It showed how the NJBBA works together to get the job done. Whether the detail was cleaning up the beaches, installing snow fencing, driving people without buggies out onto the beach, helping at the beach driving clinics, manning the hospitality tables, or another detail I fail to remember....you should know everything we do at our events makes a difference!  I am extremely proud of that fact and as a fellow NJBBA member, you should be too!


        It's my understanding that the recent $23,000 Recreational Trails Grant awarded to the NJBBA to rebuild the dunes and trails at Island Beach State Park was the only one of it's kind in Ocean County. That in itself speaks volumes of our work ethic.
Additionally, NJ DEP Commissioner Bob Martin
presenting a plaque to us "For outstanding leadership and volunteer efforts to help cleanup and restore the dunes and shoreline at Island Beach State Park" reinforces how much the Governor and State respectfully appreciates our endeavors. It was no coincidence that this special recognition occured in the presence of over three hundred attendees at the Barnegat Bay Blitz Kickoff. The public acknowledgement of our accomplishments was planned by the DEP for months and resulted in numerous emails, phone calls, and Facebook posts congratulating us for our work.
        AND it doesn't stop there, further accolades include the NEW JERSEY CLEAN COMMUNITIES COUNCIL informing us of being selected to receive an Environmental Quality Award later in May!  Sandra Huber (Executive Director of the New Jersey Clean Committees Council) wrote: "...we sincerely thank you for making New Jersey a cleaner place to live, work, and enjoy life".
        All of the members involved that led to these awards being sent our way should give yourselves a pat on the back as each of you made a difference. I'd be amiss not to give a big "THANK YOU" to our Board members as well. These men and women put in a lot of hours working behind the scenes that the greater majority of general membership isn't even aware of. Each one of them has played an instrumental role in our achievements and successful events throughout the year.

        I'm hoping everyone notes the remaining scheduled events and makes time to join us on one or both of the dates....


OCEAN FUN DAY.... Saturday, May 17 from 11am-3pm, at IBSP. Be sure to visit our exhibitor's table to say "Hi", buy some NJBBA clothing, or renew your membership, or maybe take a picture of yourself and the official NJBBA MASCOT. 

GOVERNOR'S SURF FISHING TOURNAMENT.... Sunday, May 18 at IBSP.  NJBBA Director (and Tournament Head Judge) Mark Pantle has already filled the judges positions and even has a stand by list in case anyone must cancel at the last minute. The fish are starting to bite, so c'mon down and register to fish in the tournament. It would make my day to present the GOV' CUP to a fellow NJBBA member!

TIM BURDEN - )><\\\\(">----