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The President’s Message 


   First and foremost, let us all acknowledge our out going President, Mr. Paul Harris, for his outstanding leadership and dedication during the past five years. Very few (if any) of the past presidents have had to deal with the challenges that have been thrown Paul's way. During his Presidential tenure, the NJBBA has been publicly recognized on the Local, State and National fronts for the NJBBA's involvement and volunteerism in numerous statewide projects. For the newer members that aren't familiar with all of our Board positions, Paul Harris will now be the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, a position that he is well prepared to handle.
     Additionally, I want express my gratitude to all of the NJBBA members that attended our annual meeting last week to show support of this great organization and for their participation in electing the men and women that will sit on the Board. Congratulations are in order to the newest NJBBA Board members: Francine Cutter, Tom Coopey, Mark Dzindzio and to the other board members taking on new positions and responsibilities.(1st Vice President Paul Novello, Corresponding Secretary Doug Taylor, Three year Directors - Mark Pantle and Diane Hollins).

Tim Burden
NJBBA President