2014 Fluke and Sea Bass Regulations Set

At the NJMFC meeting on 4/3/14 the council voted unanimously in favor of the following regulations for fluke and sea bass.

Fluke - 5 fish, 18" size limit, season 5/23 -9/27


Sea bass - 12 ½” size limit, 15 fish bag limit from 5/19 – 6/30, 3 fish bag limit from
7/1 –8/31, 15 fish bag limit from 9/1 – 9/6 and a 15 fish bag limit from 10/18 – 12/31.


Additionally a presentation about a special pilot program that would allow 2 fluke at 16" to be kept by shore based anglers at Island Beach State Park was made. This program could possibly be expanded further next year. JCAA, NJBBA and NJSFSC all supported the concept but also requested that it be expanded to include a couple other areas particularly in southern New Jersey this year as well.