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Carole & Paul Harris


Volunteers Day Off” came about when Ray Bukowski park manage at IBSP and Paul Harris President of NJBBA, came up with the idea that, “We should have a day off for all the hard work the organization did after Super Storm Sandy hit the New Jersey coast. A day off for all that came out, in all kinds of weather to volunteer their valuable time working to restore and clean up the beaches at the park. This will be a day that no work is to be done, just a get together to relax, fish and enjoy each others company.”


NJBBA, will continue to hold this day, every year for all the volunteers that come out and spend their valuable time, working on club projects like, installing snow fence, beach clean-ups

and trail rebuilding.


There is a plaque hanging on the wall in the park office that honors the volunteer with his or her name, that catches the biggest fish on

“Volunteer’s Day”.


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