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Island Beach State Park



 Class is full not excepting anymore applicants

To sign up for this class you must call

Paul Harris at 732-995-6641.

BRIGANTINE....... 4/09/2016


MapQuest Location:


To sign up for this class you must call

Doug Taylor at 856-981-3787. There is a limited amount and it is first come first serve

Another successful driving clinic was held on March 15, 2015 at IBSP's main office. A full class of 18 showed up to have coffee and donuts before the clinic started. Paul Harris took the class over with the proper equipment and how to use it, that is needed on most NJ beaches. The students then  watched the video on how to drive on the beach. Followed by a power point presentation by Paul Novello about beach drivings do's and don'ts.


We then moved outside and helped the students air their tires down. Thanks to the many NJBBA volunteers each student had an instructor with them while driving on the beach.  On a cloudy day the instructors took them down to A7 and back driving through soft sand and the proper way on how to turn around.


Paul Harris - Chairman

With the first class of the Beach Driving Clinic to be offered in South Jersey, NJBBA is looking forward to adding this clinic in Brigantine to our normal schedule.  We had a total of eighteen attend this class, with five being brand new to the beach driving experience. We were lucky enough to have good weather for beach driving section, with many renewing the the experience of learning of the advantages of the K-Turn, along the proper way of "snatching" a stuck vehicle.


I wish to thank the following people that helped in the ride along section of the beach experience, as this added confidence to the attendees of the clinic.  Tim Burden, Paul Harris, Mark Pantle, George Dawson, Chris Dugan, Kurt Renart, Margie Dugan.  Without this help the clinic would not have been.


Doug Taylor - Chairman

IBSP Beach Driving Clinic 3/15/2015 Pictures by Paul Novello

Brigantine Driving Clinic 4/5/2014


EQUIPMENT: (This is mandatory on most beaches)

Permit for appropriate beach *Fire extinguisher *First aid kit *Jack *Jacking board (12"x12") *Shovel *Snatch rope/strap *Flash light *Spare tire *Tire pressure gauge *Road flare *At least ½ tank of fuel.



  2. Always consider the weather before attempting a beach outing and the tide when deciding where to park on the beach.

  3. Watch where you're going. Always be cautious of your surroundings (bathers, animals, other vehicles, debris in the tracks, etc.).

  4. Yield to other vehicles if possible, rather than causing someone to get stuck.

  5. Speed limits: Obey them for your own, as well as, someone else's safety.

  6. Never drive or walk on the dunes. It is an offense in a State Park!

  7. Think about your actions and how they will effect: access, the next beach user, the environment etc.

  8. Always take your trash and a little extra off the beach with you.

  9. If you use a beach that permits fires, be sure the fire is out and buried before you depart.



  1. 4-wheel drive is mandatory on almost all beaches and is RECOMMENDED.

  2. Horsepower: Too much can hurt as much as it can help Easy on that throttle! Slow and Steady!

  3. Tires: Standard tread design as compared to mud tread (mud tires are for mud and not sand). Almost all tires must be aired down to 15lbs.  to 18lbs. (depending on vehicle weight). Be sure to exercise caution when driving to an air up location. Low tires offer poor handling on a hard road surface.

  4. 4-wheel high gear vs. low gear: This needs to be determined on a per vehicle basis.

  5. Washing down your vehicle after a trip to the beach is critical if you intend to keep that vehicle. A good coat of wax will help with the removal of salt spray.

  6. Maintenance is important. Full grease fittings will not allow sand to enter, and a well maintained vehicle will not leak harmful fluids onto the beach.


  1. ALWAYS air down! Use caution not to get sand in stem or cap. Lowering your tire pressure is easier on your vehicle, on the beach and on the next person to come on the beach.

  2. Plan your movements. Try not to make last minute decisions. Cross ruts gradually and avoid hard turns. Use pre-existing ruts when possible.

  3. If you start to get stuck STOP! There is no hard bottom; you will just continue to dig a hole. The throttle is not the answer. Attempt to back up into your own ruts, air down, dig out or get help.

  4. If you need to be pulled out, always have the towed vehicle in gear if possible. Do not dead pull, a snatch strap and tension is usually all that is needed. Try to avoid 30mph jerk outs they are hard on all the equipment and very dangerous to those nearby.

  5. Always fill in the holes that are created when you get stuck; the next person will thank you!

  6. If your vehicle runs hot from beach driving, turn it into the wind and open the hood. Do not shut it down hot!



  1. Courtesy patrol is a group of NJBBA members who give up their time to assist other beach users. They can be identified by a flag or door sticker on their vehicle. If you need assistance flag down any Courtesy Patrol Member and they will be happy to assist you If at all possible. If you are interested in joining the New Jersey Beach Buggy Association and being part of our courtesy patrol contact any member here today or visit our website at www.njbba.org