March 12th 2023


The weather was a bit chilly for the 2023 NJBBA oceanside beach clean-up at IBSP. 15 members and 1 young man showed up dressed for the weather with tools in hand. We spread out to clean the whole beach in 3 hours time. If one ever needs any plastic items, go to the beach cause that`s where you`ll find them. Plastic straws, bottle caps, shotgun wads, forks, assorted pieces of different shapes, sizes, and color were picked up. Ballons, bags, beach toys, sunglass`s, pvc pipe, bottles, cans, one diaper, cigar tips, and plenty of beach whistles were removed from the sand and a weathered penny also. A few larger items like a grill grate, a couple of shovels, and some wood chunks. All in all, if you didn`t have fun at this event today, it`s because you weren`t there! ..Thank you everyone! Ken H. #23 Beach Project Director