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Congrats NJBBA  - Pic from Carl Hartmann      May 12, 2019

NJBBA contestants win 1st place in the Delaware Valley Surf Anglers with 407 points !!!




April 10, 2019

Beach Buggy Access to be Restored in Ortley Beach in 2019

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Department of Environmental Protection

P.O. Box 420

Trenton, New Jersey  08625

October 12, 2018


Public Notice of the Suspension of Harvest from Shellfish Beds Dangerous to Health


Pursuant to N.J.A.C 7:12-1.4(a) and the statutory authority granted the Department of Environmental Protection appearing at N.J.S.A. 58:24-2 the Department shall immediately suspend harvest in areas impacted by an intermittent pollution episode or emergency condition when the event has or may have a deleterious impact on public health. To ensure that the public health is not at risk from the consumption of shellfish that may have been subjected to pollution that may render the shellfish dangerous to health because of degraded water quality resulting from a release of secondary treated effluent from a leak in a central outfall pipe into the waters of Barnegat Bay in Ocean County, I hereby immediately suspend the harvest of shellfish from the following waters, as further described below:


All New Jersey state waters contained within an area originating from a point at 74°7'14.BB"W, 39 °54'30.96"N heading east to a point at 74°6'30.24"W, 39 °54'30.60" N, then heading south to a point 74°6'30.24"W, 39 °54'18.72" N, then heading west to a point at 74°7'28.20"W, 39 °54'18.72" N and then heading northeast back to the original point at 74°7'14.88"W, 39°54'30.96"N.


This suspension of harvest shall take effect immediately and continue until further determination by the Department that the particular area of water subject to the suspension meets the standards for its current Approved classification.


As of May 12, 2019 we can find no rescind of this order from the DEP





NJ 2019 Saltwater Regulations


NJ Saltwater Fishing Regulations Overview 2019

name Season Bag Limit Size Limit Note
Bluefish OPEN 15 NA No Closed Season
Bonito OPEN NA NA No Closed Season
Cod OPEN 10 22.00 No Closed Season
Fluke CLOSED 3 18.00 Season Opens 2019-05-25
Ling OPEN NA NA No Closed Season
Mackerel OPEN NA NA No Closed Season
Porgy OPEN 50 9.00 No Closed Season
Sea Bass CLOSED 10 12.50 Season Opens 2019-05-15
Sea Robin OPEN NA NA No Closed Season
Skate OPEN NA NA No Closed Season
Striped Bass OPEN 1 28.00 Season Closes 2019-12-31
Tog CLOSED 1 15.00 Season Opens 2019-08-01
Weakfish OPEN 1 13.00 No Closed Season
Winter Flounder OPEN 2 12.00 Season Closes 2019-12-31


Comply with the law and measure your fish!

Each Year Regulations remain in effect until changed.

Until officially changed, regulations from previous year remain in effect.

For the most current regulations, go to or call the marine fish “listen-only” information line at (609) 292-2083


New Jersey recreational marine regulations apply to all fish species when they are possessed in state waters or landed in New Jersey regardless of where they are caught. Saltwater anglers must comply with the requirements of the New Jersey Saltwater Recreational Registry Program. Click here to learn more about the New Jersey Saltwater Registry Requirements.

Resource Information

Anyone who takes fisheries resources may be required to provide information on the species, number, weight or other information pertinent to management of resources. Anglers are encouraged to report all fishing activity after each trip. Visit Fish and Wildlife’s Volunteer Angler Survey at