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Thanks to all our exhibitors and vendors! Couldn’t do it without you!

    Not wanting to sound like a broken record but the Barnegat Bay Festival gets bigger and better every year!  The weather could not have been more perfect and we estimate nearly 4,000 festival attendees enjoyed themselves!  It was wonderful to see so many people taking in the exhibits, arts and crafts, and food, and participating in the programs and interactive events.  Just walking about we met a lot of first timers who can’t believe they missed it in the past!

    A long-time environmentalist, teacher and Island Heights’ resident shared with me that she thought this year’s exhibitors had the best tables yet! She felt they were more informative than ever and really engaged those who stopped by.  It was a real “teaching” experience!

    So again it’s all of you who make it an amazing festival!  The exhibits, the remarkable arts and crafts, the business vendors who share in our mission and the wonderful selection of festival food added to an energy and excitement about the Barnegat Bay that keeps growing every year.

    For those of you who continue to come year after year, thank you for your commitment to this important festival.  For the newcomers, we hope you enjoyed the event as much as we enjoyed having you as a participant and will continue with us in the future. 

    Once again, a huge thank you to the Barnegat Bay Foundation and to Executive Director Mary Ann Bageac. As a result of yet another successful gala under the tents on Friday night, the Foundation is proud to co-sponsor and financially support the Festival again next year.

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The 2015,  6th Annual NJ WILD Outdoor Expo drew approximately 7,200 visitors of all ages to the Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area to learn about our state’s natural resources and sample an exciting array of outdoor activities that are available within our state parks, forests and wildlife management areas, despite the rainy weather on Saturday. Together with exhibitors, vendors and volunteers, more than 7,600 people participated in this years outreach event. 

Lindsay A. Harrington

NJ Fish and Wildlife


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