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New Jersey Beach Buggy's Volunteer Hours for 2017

Volunteer Hours at Island Beach State Park

Two Snow Fence Projects

130 hrs.*

Trails Maintenance

166 hrs.*

Adopt-A-Beach (beach cleanup)

60 hrs.*

Fishing Clinics all summer


Governor's Fishing Tournament (Judging)

270 hrs.

Courtesy Patrol

1380 hrs.

Island Beach State Park Total Volunteer Hours:

2058 hrs.

Volunteer Hours at Brigantine Natural Area

Put up String line fence to protect Shore Nesting Birds

40 hrs.

Courtesy Patrol 540 hrs.

Brigantine Natural Area Total Volunteer Hours:

580 hrs.

Volunteer Hours at Corson's Inlet State Park

Courtesy Patrol & Trail Fence project

51 hrs.

Corson’s Inlet Total Volunteer Hours:

51 hrs.


The New Jersey Beach Buggy Association's Total Volunteer Hours

 to the NJ State Park System

2,689 hours


At $24.16 an hour the State saving from Volunteer hours


Presented By Carole Harris Courtesy Patrol Director & Coordinator

  • The Courtesy Patrol members are a group who are willing to give a little of their time to help assist and instruct others,

  • Generally they are the most active of our membership. These members are also the eyes and ears of the association.

  • They keep a watchful eye on the day to day goings on in their respective areas,

  • They attend community meetings to gather first hand information and report this information back to the Board of Directors.

  • Courtesy Patrol members also dispense information, supplies and membership kits to anyone interested in our association.

Courtesy Patrol members can be identified by a flag or magnet attached to their vehicle. If you would like to know more about the Association or Courtesy Patrol stop and speak to any of the members you see and they will assist you in any way possible. You can also check off "interested in courtesy patrol” on your application or renewal and someone will contact you.

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