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To join or renew your NJBBA membership print out the membership form and mail to:


Membership Secretary

PO Box 511

Seaside Park, NJ 08752


Membership Form


The New Jersey Beach Buggy Association

 Benefit Package
As an active member of NJBBA we all have the same Benefits:
No matter what your position is


Types of Members:
We offer several types of membership. Each has its own set of requirements.


General Members: are those that pay the regular dues whether new or renewal.

General members enjoy most all association benefits and privileges.


Senior Members: are general members who have ten consecutive years of paid dues and reach the age of 65. Senior members are considered paid up and enjoy all the benefits and privileges of

general members.


Life Members: are earned by Officers and Directors for time spent in that office as set by the



Honorary Members: may be awarded by a majority vote of the Executive Board and Board of Directors to an individual who they deem has earned this recognition through exemplary performance in furthering

the goals of the “Association.”


Family Member: is any person living at the same address, with at least one fully paid general member and they can join for 1/2 of the current annual general member dues.

The starting age limit for a family member is eight (8).A family member still reaps most of the benefits as a general member.


Sustaining Member: is a paid lifetime membership. The price includes a plaque commemorating the event, all the benefits of a general member and many thanks from the Association for this kind of support. The member must have two years membership in good standing to qualify.


For further information see Article 5 of the By-Laws


Access to all Board meetings held the second Monday of every month.


A Vote and a Voice at the General Meeting held in February


Access to all Officers and Board members


Participate in our Events:

Annual Meeting & Elections in February


Youth tournament in September


NJBBA fishing team


Great Fall Classic in October


Two Veterans Outings in June and July


Hunting and Fishing Day in September


Banquet in March


Fish Pools


Trading Post


Our Merchandize


Join us in our conservation projects:

Clean Ocean Action


Adopt A Beach


Holgate Beach Clean-up


Dune Preservation


Brigantine String Fence protecting nesting birds


Ocean Fun Day